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A leadership program of Camp Qwanoes and Briercrest College


Leadership training in a unique setting

The Kaléo program is an eight-month leadership program of Camp Qwanoes and Briercrest College built for developing young Christian leaders. Students live in a camp setting and earn one year of college credit while being part of the life and ministry of Camp Qwanoes. During their year in the Kaléo Program, students immerse themselves in front-line ministry and West Coast adventure. 

The Kaléo Program is a fusion of fully-accredited academics, foundational leadership training, close-knit community, outdoor adventures, and ministry in camp, local churches, and beyond!


September 24th, 2018

Week 2: Mount Albert Edward

The students have all arrived here at Qwanoes. Despite the jet lag some of the students experienced they were all excited and full of energy to kick off with orientation. Students became familiar with the facilities here at Camp Qwanoes, as well as getting to know each other and the Qwanoes staff through games, beach parties, and enjoying meals together.

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To take time away from distraction, focus on growing in ministry, community, leadership, academics—you experience God in a whole new way! This program helps you to be intentional with the rest of your life.
Rachael Allen