Kaléo is Hawaiian for "voice" and Greek for "I call." The Kaléo program is designed to provide students with unique opportunities to listen to God's voice and discover His call on their lives. This is done through a fusion of five different components working together: Leadership Training, Ministry Experience, Community, Outdoor Adventures, and Academics.

Foundational year

The ages of 17 to 22 are pivotal years in a young person's life. It is a time where young adults find themselves leaving home for the first time and learning about their life and faith in a whole new way.

A solid foundation of faith, character, and leadership ability is a valuable starting point on the way to whatever comes next. The Kaléo program provides that foundation as students are called to study, serve, and test their limits in outdoor adventures and ministry opportunities.

College credit

At the Kaléo program, students can complete their first year of college while engaging in adventure and frontline ministry at Qwanoes. Students can choose to transfer these credits directly to Briercrest and continue their education in a Christian environment, pursue education at another institution, or seek other opportunities after the year is over. In whatever path students choose, this year is a set-apart, foundational year that prepares them for a life of godly leadership in all areas.

Media & approach to electronics

The Media Policy is an important feature of the Kaléo program in order to help students get the most out of the program. Kaléo is designed to be an atmosphere conducive to building community, growing spiritually, and developing as leaders—a place that fosters growth with limited distraction, where students can more clearly hear God. While challenging for some, the Kaléo program limits media access in order to enhance student life by providing this atmosphere. 

You can find out more about how this all takes place during the application process.

Year at a glance

Each year of the Kaléo program is a little different, but every year's schedule incorporates the five components of the program so that they work together seamlessly. Some weeks students are in class, while other weeks they are on an outdoor adventure, serving on a missions trip, doing ministry in a church or at camp, or working on course assignments. 

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