Community is often the context in which God chooses to bring about spiritual growth in his people. Kaléo provides a unique opportunity for students to experience transformation in a small student community within a larger camp community. Students will experience a growing sense of identity and belonging, as well as a sense of responsibility, clearer understanding of leadership, and commitment to the glory of God and the good of others. 

Chapels and life groups 

Chapels and small groups happen weekly throughout the program. Chapels are a time to gather around prayer, worship, and Scripture. Small groups provide a time to get together and pray for each other, to spur one another on, and to talk about specific issues for men and women.

Community events

In addition to bigger outdoor adventures, students also take part in smaller events together throughout the year, including: 

  • Movie or games nights
  • Curling or wave pool outings
  • Town runs or a trip to Victoria
  • Staff and student events such as beach parties and firesides 
  • Crabbing off the Qwanoes dock
  • Guys and girls’ nights
  • And much more!