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mountain view - page size.jpgExperience an integrated leadership training approach! A fusion of five different components all seamlessly working together: Leadership Training, Learning and Doing, Community, Outdoor Adventures, and Academics.

Foundational Year

The years right after high school are proven to be an extremely formative and pivotal time in a young person's life. It is a time where young adults find themselves leaving home for the first time and learning in a whole new way about their faith and life.

Kaléo is Greek for "I Call" and Hawaiian for "voice" - our program provides a very unique opportunity to listen to God's voice and discover His call on your life at a a very important time in ones life. 

Are you an aspiring leader looking for a year that will lay a strong foundation for the next part of your life - whether it's more school, work, ministry, travel or unknown? Are you interested in doing your 1st year of post-secondary education in a unique setting before heading off to a typical college campus?

A solid foundation of faith, character and leadership abilities is very valuable to have as a stepping point to whatever is next in life. The Kaléo program has proven to provide that foundation of faith as students study, serve, get stretched in outdoor adventures and ministry opportunities and focus on godly leadership.

If you become one of our students, we are committed to helping you build a strong foundation for life-no matter what's next!

Year At A Glance

There is no typical weekly schedule for the Kaléo program! The five components of the program seamlessly work together in a very intentional schedule. Some weeks you are in class, while others you are on an outdoor adventure, on a missions trip, doing ministry in a church or at camp, or working on course assignments. The program schedule is put together in a holistic approach with every component supporting one another. 

Each year of the Kaléo program is a little different.

Another excellent place to take a look inside what student life looks like at Qwanoes is by reading a past year's program blog: http://kaleo2017.blogspot.ca