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About Qwanoes

About_Raft.jpgCamp Qwanoes is a youth-focused high adventure Christian residential camp seeking to encourage commitment to Jesus Christ and provide biblical discipleship through relationship-focused, fun-oriented, and Christ-centred programs.The primary focus is summer camp, when about 600 campers and staff are on-site every week. Qwanoes also hosts leadership training programs, retreats, guest groups, and many other events during the non-summer months.

Qwanoes operates year-round as a non-profit parachurch ministry with the primary objective of reaching children and youth ages 8 to 18 years old that live on Vancouver Island and in Greater Vancouver around our supporting churches. All children and youth are welcome at Qwanoes regardless of their religious background or lack thereof.

Qwanoes exists to love kids to life…helping them discover, live, and share life like no other in Christ.

For further information on Camp Qwanoes and year-round ministry opportunities, please visit www.qwanoes.ca.